What have we done

  • Rezervace kol - Singltrek pod Smrkem

    Merida booking system

    The application was made as a booking system for tescentrum kol Merida
  • Evidence

    Cash register system

    A cash register system was created as a storage and cash register system for wellness and fitness centres.
  • lsoft


    Lsoft is a program for the design of heating systems using infrared heaters. The Program was created for the company Lersen s.r.o., More on lsoft.lersen.com
  • lersen


    Web presentation for the company Lersen, created with emphasis on user friendliness and correct operation on multiple platforms. More on lersen.com
  • korepo


    Presentation for a company engaged in the realisation of floors. More on korepo.cz
  • Kedjom-Keku (1)


    Pages created as sponsorship for a non-profit organization providing aid for Africa. More on kedjom-keku.com
  • OVEO


    The Oveo project is focusing on the demand and supply in the construction industry. The project was created in cooperation with Coex.cz. More on oveo.cz
  • megacena


    Megacena is a project aiming at comparing prices on the Internet. More on megacena.cz
  • Mailiveo


    Mailiveo is a robust marketing tool for one of the most conservative and most direct means of communication with the client - email. More on mailiveo.com
  • InzercePortal


    Private advertising portal which is absolutely free. More on inzerceportal.cz.
  • Romantikon


    Romantikon is a discount server focused on residential deals. More on romantikon.cz