Who we are


Some of us have already been working in the field of the Internet for more than 11 years. From the
first steps regarding the HTML codes until today's complex and demanding web applications

This is the path our developers have gone through. As time passed and the Internet became a
common medium for the general public, not only grew the demands for programming but also for


A few images and colour pages have become the form of graphic design.It is considered as an
important unit which must take into account the approach and requirements of differently capable

Sites have changed very much with regard to the contents as well. Previously, it was enough to
describe what you were doing and to wait until the visitor comes to take a look.


Today we use a copywriter to write texts. A good copywriter knows how to write texts so that an
Internet search engine recognizes easily what we want to say with the content and what our sites are
about. Finally, it is also important to remember the right SEO, SEM, and to consider the possibility of
the involvement of social portals such as Facebook.